Elections 2008

It's Election Day! Have you voted yet? After my last grand adventure at the polls, I decided to cast my ballot early via mail. While I miss the little "I voted" sticker, which I've always loved to wear smugly proudly throughout the day, I'm happy to have my vote cast. Let your voice be heard! Go vote! And if you live in AZ or CA, please vote YES on prop 102 or 8, respectively. :)

{image via Remember Me}

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Karen said...

We (read: me and all of my little people) voted this morning. My oldest even got to put my paper ballot into the machine. I always leave wondering if my vote really gets counted that way but the line for the electronic voting machine was ridiculous. We all got a sticker that we then traded in at our local Chick-Fil-A for free chicken sandwiches!
Election Day always leaves me feeling proud of our country.

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