Halloween 2011

We had a lot of fun with our costumes this year. The children started watching classic episodes of The Addams Family last year, which prompted E to ask if we could please be The Addams family this year so he could "crash model trains."

 I made my gown out of two thrifted dresses torn apart and sewn together. J had a plain black suit that we drew lines on with chalk. {Needless to say, it'll need a good dry cleaning!}

 Little Miss C really got into character. We joked that for such a sunny, princess-y type of girl, we're always forcing her into quite the macabre roles. {I also made her outfit-- out of a woman's shirtdress from Goodwill and the collar of an old boy's dress shirt. I'm quite proud of how it turned out.}

 E was originally going to be Pugsley, but changed his mind when we bought the trick lightbulb. He's actually quite fond of his newly bald head. He looks like J's mini-me. :)

 L didn't care who he was dressed as. All he wanted was lots and lots of candy. Mission accomplished.

 I had an awesome Cousin It outfit for Baby R, but he freaked out when we put him in it. So he became Baby Addams at the last minute and thoroughly enjoyed himself-- especially when given a sword or a sucker.

That's it! Adieu until next year!


Mycharmingcolors said...


next year we are going to do a family themed halloween this year I just threw on Judahs dinosaur costume since he slimed all over his chewbacca one I made him over the weekend and my husband wore his cow from chick fil a outfit :-)

The Dragonfly said...

You know you're good when my mom calls me THE MINUTE your cosutmes went up on the blog so we could ooh and ahh over them together. We like your style. We like your interpretation. We like your awesome Addams family! The bald boy = my fave. Then again, you look good with dark hair! :)

Creole Wisdom said...

Just incredible!!! I love them all.

wenwin said...

Amazing! I love how the whole family is involved in all your creative adventures! Just plain stunning!

Jessie said...

Wow! Love your Halloween theme and your creativity! Uncle Fester is my favorite!

You did a great job!


joy said...

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Unknown said...

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