Another Happy Coat

Even though I'm only half-way back to my normal size, I find myself dreaming of real clothes again. Spring is here and I'm absolutely salivating over this outfit from Ann Taylor Loft. So Parisian, yet the palm trees in the background prove I could pull it off in Arizona. 

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S p y G l a s S said...

GADZOOKS I want that outfit! me-oh-my we need to go shopping together. i have actually been looking for my happy little coat forever...haven't quite found it yet, but Ann Taylor Loft has some really cute ones I might have to indulge... hee hee
thanks for reminding me about the loft. um...you've had 3 kids and you look hot...what's this about wanting to lose 15-20 lbs. lady! if i could have your bod! i'm cursed with hips galore...oh boy i can't wait to have kids. you guys will all make fun of me cuz i'll be the fat kid in the fam. you look like you've never had a kid! lucky. i look like i've had 12, dangit.

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