Saturday: my husband managed to be busy all day, and even though I think he believed he was helping (he took the other two kids with him while he went to paint a Vespa and run other errands) I was left feeling very alone and stuck in the house. When I'm tired, everything seems worse than it is, so I told myself not to take it personally. But I still ate every single black jelly bean out of our jelly bean mix. It didn't help.

Sunday was better. I was able to take a long walk, and while I strolled in the sunshine, looking at the horses and alfalfa fields, I listened to This American Life. I download and listen to their podcast every week- it has got to be the best thing on the radio, almost as enriching as reading a good book. More importantly, there are only a few things that have managed to make me laugh out loud when I'm really depressed, and TAL is one of them. For that, I will be in love with Ira Glass' strange, nasally voice until the day I die. Weekend saved. :)

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