Spring Cleaning

Despite the fact that just as I've done 5 loads of laundry, another 5 loads manage to get dirty, I do like to clean. Something about cleaning is cathartic, and often a full day of scrubbing grime off of walls or organizing a closet will leave me feeling absolutely wonderful. The problem now is time. I just can't seem to get it all done, even though I really, really want to. As I walk through my house, my mind starts to compile a list of all the things that need to get done. I thought I'd share my (growing) list with you in order to unburden myself and free up some brain space. Note that this is my spring cleaning list, not day to day chores.
  • Have carpets steam cleaned
  • wash floorboards
  • wash all walls
  • wood polish on all furniture and cabinets
  • paint touch-ups through out the house
  • dust and repair wood blinds
  • use leather conditioner on the sofa & loveseat
  • clean oven and microwave
  • re-caulk linoleum in bathroom
  • scrub out all trash cans with bleach
  • buy a screw for the loose screen door
  • dig out all weeds from lawn and spray with weed killer
  • repair kid's ceiling fan
  • install ceiling fan in playroom
  • wash shower curtains
  • wash all windows, remove and wash all sun screens
  • wood protector on gate to the backyard
  • clean out and wash the car
  • replace window tinting on the car
  • plant backyard landscaping
Sure wish I could hire someone to do it all for me. Or buy some more hours in the day. :) Happy cleaning.


Janae said...

Wow, maybe I don't want a house. :) Good luck.

Nicole said...

I like the buying more hours, I too make those mental lists as I hold Hyrum or nurse...and you've reinspired me on my half marathon journey, though mine may wait until after new orleans and kids...


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