Yesterday, I was feeling a little bored, so I took the time to check out a few blogs. Okay, more like a million blogs. I followed link after link, until I my head was so full of lovely designgourmet food, and perfect parenting I was sure it would explode. Instead of feeling inspired, I felt depressed. I know myself- I'm healthier when living in the fishbowl, not the ocean. Subsequently, I'm taking a step back. I'll use the weekend to enjoy swimming in my tiny little circles. See you Monday. 
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Janae said...

I feel that way a lot too. There's so many amazing, talented people that it's easy to put them all into one and think I should be this "perfect" person. Uggh. Hope your weekend is rejuvenating.

hukolb said...

Perhaps that's why they've started mentioning surfing the web in conference as a thing to avoid as mothers:) I do it all too often and find myself all too frustrated as well:)

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