Back {with a vengeance!}

We had a wonderful time this last week. We spent about 14 hours straight at Disneyland. I haven't been there in 20 years, and it made me kind of weepy when we first walked through the gates. It was such a full circle moment- I was a KID last time I was there, and suddenly I was undeniably a parent. We were one of the first ones there when they opened, so we got a nice shot of our daughter in front of her princess castle. 
Though there were melt-down moments, the kids did really well. They were patient through long lines and fine with missing naps as long as we were fine holding them a little more often. My son's favorites were the Buzz Lightyear ride and anything with cars or pirates. The fireworks were also pretty impressive.
We spent the rest of the time on the beach, relaxing. The day after Disneyland, the baby slept THE ENTIRE DAY. He'd wake up long enough to nurse, then would zonk out again. We must have really worn him out. Either that, or the sound of the waves was really soothing {in which case, I have got to get a 'sounds of the ocean' cd!}. The kids enjoyed digging in the sand and letting Jared teach them to boogie board. Now that we're back, it's hard to get out of vacation mode. I'll be spending the day at home watching movie in my pajamas, since both the baby and my little boy woke up sick. Not a bad way to transition back to busy life. 

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