Death and All His Friends

We bought Viva La Vida last week the instant it was released. It became our trip's soundtrack. *sigh* It's nice to see Coldplay become so successful, but part of me mourns the days when we seemed to be the only ones listening to them. Jared and I saw Chris Martin play acoustically at Martini Ranch (a tiny bar in Scottsdale). I was close enough to touch his shoes, and at the close of his performance, caught the guitar pick. Now that Coldplay is a household name, I can guarantee that won't be happening again anytime soon. The new album is also wonderful in that broody way that I adore, so I won't complain as long as they keep on coming. 

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Kristina said...

Mmmm, Coldplay is the soundtrack to my soul. At first I was disappointed by the new album, but it's grown on me and I love love love it!

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