Monsoon Weekend

Last night the clouds that had been amassing in the distance finally rolled in and drenched us with some much needed rain. I love monsoons. They're wild and dramatic, with flashes of lightning, violent wind and rain that comes down in heavy sheets. I love the way the streets and yards flood, and the way the air smells first of red dust and hot cement and then of fresh creosote bushes. I love the instant drop in temperature, and the way the desert seems to grow green overnight.

Something about a monsoon changes the scenery enough that I can feel hopeful about the day. Without the oppressive heat, the day's tasks seem lighter. Or maybe it's the promise of a date tonight. My husband and I rarely go out. It's too difficult when the baby is reflux-y and sleepless. Those are the times when we both become stressed and desperate for a few hours away, but those are also the times when it seems inconceivable to leave him with anyone. My mother-in-law is the only one I trust to watch him {and to call if he becomes inconsolable} and it's easy to burn her out. So we don't get out much. 

The goal tonight is dinner and a movie. Dinner, at the very least. We're going to be adventurous and try someplace we've never been. I'm picturing indian food eaten on pillows on the floor. A whole meal without fetching something for someone else! Then the movie. Oh, to watch an entire film without pausing it while the baby cries! That's enough to make a girl feel hopeful about the day, isn't it? {image via}

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Stephanie Foster said...

So where did you end up going? Your comment about sitting on pillows to eat reminded me of this restaurant in Tempe called Efes. Have you heard of it? Kind of a Turkish/Greek/Indian type restaurant but you can sit on pillows to eat and there is live music on the weekends. Neat atmosphere. Hope wherever you ended up was fun! (I'm sure just going anywhere without kiddos was a joy!)

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