Pray for Nie

I've been reading Nie's blog since long before I had my own. Following her posts about her husband becoming a certified pilot has always made me think of my Dad, since he wants to build and fly his own plane. 

So when I heard that Nie and Mr. Nielson were both in critical condition following a plane crash this weekend {in which sadly, the flight instructor was killed} my heart went out to them and their family. You can see local news coverage here, and read updates on their condition here

I know that with the help of the Savior, their family will find peace as they navigate this difficult time. My prayers are with them.  {images by Blue Lily Photography, via NieNie Dialogues}

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whitty-acres said...

I am really loving your blog. I came here via cjane and I love your style! I also died over that love video a few posts up. So cool! and, thanks for using my pictures in your post.


Blue Lily Photography

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