Tooth Fairy

A week ago, C. finally lost her tooth. She and her cousins immediately wrote a letter to the tooth fairy. When her father and I read it, we couldn't help but laugh incredulously. It said: "Dear Tooth Fairy, I have my first loose tooth! Give me a laptop or 200 bucks. Please give me real rainbow wings." Um, seriously? For a tooth? That girl needs some heavy labor and a good dose of perspective. :)
{image via the talented Jayme McGowan}


Stephanie said...

That is hilarious! She cracks me up. Please don't have her give Hayley any ideas like that. She's been satisfied with her 2 bucks :)

Also, I made the lime meltaways and they were de-lish! To make them even more sinful and sweeter, I added a frosting that was similar to one I used for lemon cookies I make, but I substituted lime. It was powdered sugar, butter, lime juice and zest. Soooo good. Thanks for the recipe!

Rachel said...

heh, what a cute letter. And I love that art!

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