7 Years

Dear Little Miss C, 
Daddy and I are not fooled. You are anything but bashful, especially when it comes to your birthday. You seem to think that Labor Day Weekend is actually a weekend-long celebration centered around you. So on Saturday, after dressing yourself for the day {yes, that's a disclaimer}, you promptly asked to be taken to Chuck E Cheese. Which we did, even though it was a rip off and the pizza tasted like cardboard. 

This year you asked for a Wall-E cake. I was lazy, so we made a cake that actually tasted good, iced it in Grandpa's legendary Brown Beauty Icing, and then I let you stick all kinds of Wall-E cardboard cutouts from the party favors into the icing. It was a win-win, I'd say. 

Lucky you! The monthly Family Sunday Dinner happened to fall on your birthday, so your cousins were there to eat cake and watch you open presents. 

Oh, the presents! Your reactions never disappoint! Daddy gave you a Hockey Jersey. Your brother gave you a Wall-E robot, and your cousin gave you a Webkinz.

Mommy gave you cash. Again, I was lazy. You didn't seem to mind. :)

Happy 7th Birthday, Little Miss! Love Mommy


Lisa said...

Those faces are exceptional! I love the idea of a monthly Family Sunday Dinner! Wish I had family close enough for that.

And that cake is awesome. I sometimes try to do something a tiny bit nicer than a regular cake for my kids, but I always see people posting pictures of their over the top fancy cakes they made for their kids, so this one is one of my favorites I've seen.

My little boy turned 7 on Sunday. Hey, he and your daughter would make an amazingly adorable couple. . .

Melissa Ellen said...

So she dressed herself int he bashful pic pose? She did a okay! They are such cuties - all of them! All of you.

Did you see the box Wall E over at C Jane's blog? I thought that was really cute. Kids are so fun!

I just realized... You were full on pregnant for a whole hot summer! I wonder what that must have been like.

Well, have a great day. I loved this post. Brought some big smiles. The $$ gift seemed to go over well! Look at those eyes!

MelancholySmile said...

Pregnant in the summer: something I've never repeated. My sons were born in January and February. My husband's birthday is in March, so I'm starting to run out of cool weather months...

Jenn said...

hi i've recently come across your blog and i just wanted to let you know that your family is adorable, but i'm sure you already knew that :)

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