No More Surprises

Today as we strolled through Target, Little Miss C trailed behind me a few steps, whispering into the Magic 8 Ball she planned to buy with her allowance/birthday money. After a few minutes of whispering and giggling, she skipped to my side and announced, "You are going to have a GIRL baby next!" {For the record, I am not pregnant.} 
Me: "Oh really?"

C: "Yes! I asked the Magic 8 Ball, and it said 'Decidedly So'." 

Me: "And does the Magic 8 Ball know everything?"

C: {rolling her eyes and gesturing with one hand like a teenager} "Of course! It's a VERY SMART TOY!" 


hukolb said...

I'm glad you borrowed a camera. I wish we were closer to share more of these moments. Our kids are growing so fast! THanks for keeping us updated. Wish I could say the same:). GOod luck on your runs, also wish I could say the same:). Life will slow down someday after medschool and I'll get to catch up and hopefully remember all those goals on hold at the moment...Keep writing:).


Lisa said...

A very smart toy, indeed! I'm pretty sure everything it ever predicted for my life came true. Well, maybe that's because I would shake and shake until it gave the "right" answer?

Kristina said...

Oh my goodness, what a great story. I love kids.

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