Sick Day

Today is a pajama day. The children are sick and sprawled on the sofa amid blankets and pillows. The baby wants to be held constantly, his hot forehead nestled in the space above my collarbones. The dishes are piling up, the floor is becoming sticky. And I am content. 

There is a peaceful snowed-in quality to days like this. I like having my family nestled in close, their needs easily met with orange juice, chicken noodle soup, and a few extra snuggles. I find it makes the world feel small, manageable and safe. So let the messes accumulate. For today, I'm happy to read a book and build a fort with my kids. Popcorn for lunch, anyone?

{image via Toast}


Janae said...

Love this post, and the picture. :) I'm glad you're not sick, too. And I so love when the kids snuggle up...it makes being a parent so worth it.

P.S. That's my motto--dishes? They can be done tomorrow. Building a tower with the kids? Essential. Makes the guilt go away. :)

marcee said...

I have missed so much on your blog since I haven't done any in over a month!

It's a secret that I feel almost guilty sharing- I sometimes enjoy my kids being sick because they are so sweet and cuddly and preciously needy of me!

Hizzeather said...

Hey...since you probably don't think I'm weird enough, I blogged about you. :)

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