Color Love

In a recent episode of House, a patient's journey out of depression was illustrated by filming his view of the world first in black and white, then gradually bringing it into color. Maybe this is a cliche, but for me it has been profoundly true. The more my disposition stabilizes into an amazingly contented and pleasant state, the more I find color and pattern leaping out at me. I almost salivate over the bright plum of a cardigan, crave patterned heels, and devour anything yellow. Did all of this color exist before? If so, how have I failed to notice it for so long? One thing is for certain, my wardrobe will never be the same.

{image created by Polyvore}


ohio12 said...

I thought you were going to say that you love Cutty's style on House. I swear that if I ever enter the work force again, that is how I am going to dress.

Janae said...

How did you make all the clothes look like that, one on top of another? Did you use photoshop or something?

I too loooove color. Now just give me a dose of your fashion taste, and I'll be happy!

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