I'm a little obsessed with feathers right now. Last week I picked up a variety of them at my local craft store, and have used them to make this pheasant feather headband, a black ribbon and feathered belt, and am now affixing a few golden yellow ones to the toes of a pair of black patent heels. A little much? Perhaps. But I'm enjoying myself. :) 


Jennifer said...

feathers are divine.

I could never put any on shoes though... my cat would havea field day attacking me ha.

liz stanley said...

gorgeous! my sister picked me up a headband that looked just like that one for my bday and i've been wearing it none stop. `

PS that is funny you had a dream about coming to my party. did baby hank bit your toes in the dream? that's what he was focused on doing at the party. it was rather entertaining.

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