It's a Christmas Miracle!

At least, that's what the children believe. There doesn't seem to be any other explanation for the fat and furry visitor that has shown up at our door every morning since Monday. Considering my current {dim} view of pets, the children know that the only way they might possibly end up with a kitty of their own is if it adopts us the way this one has. They are very, very hopeful. 

Back when Little Miss C was just a baby bump on a skinny-minnie body that I took for granted, we adopted a kitten named Cleo. Oh, how I hated that cat! She wasn't the type to sit on your lap and purr, opting instead to bite the hand that stroked her. She meowed maniacally at night, and slept {shed} on my clean laundry , and hissed at our friends. We had her for several years, but I wasn't sorry when she inexplicably disappeared one day and never returned. {I believe my husband still suspects me of foul play.}

But this cat seems to be different. She's huge and friendly. She allows the baby to follow her around and grab her tail. She sits patiently as Little Miss C fawns all over her, making her a bed of pillows in a drawer of the entertainment center. She purrs. Loudly and constantly! And as if sensing that I'm going to be the toughest one to win over, she takes every opportunity to curl up next to me, laying her sleepy head on my hands as I try to type on the laptop. Most importantly, no matter what the kids put her through during the day, she always comes back the next morning

Yes, they are hopeful. Very hopeful indeed. 


Roderick Hansen said...

Oh,honey, I saw your post's title and was pondering it as I scrolled over ... and when tawny ears and lazy eyes moved into view a laugh just burst out of me! That's hilarious! I can just imagine your pout. And your reluctant smile. :) Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!!!! ~ Mom

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she's a purrrrfect pro at adopting families herself!
She sounds like a keeper to me!

Krissy said...

Miracle indeed! lol The cats we've always ended up with have been satan in a cat's body. I'm starting to think the NICE cats who actually LIKE to be held and coddled don't exist. At least, that's what I try to tell myself every time I see an adorable cat.

Gina Lee said...

Sounds like he lives close by and is coming to your house for a fun play date. My parent's cat (who looks just like this one by the way) does that all the time. He disappears during the day and comes home at night to sleep. I wonder if Tigger has a double life too?!?

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