It's rather an understatement to say that we moved a lot when I was a child. By way of explanation, my mom used to joke that dad was 'born under a wandering star'.  The longest I can remember staying in one place was two years, and by the time I was married {at the age of 19} I had, to the the best of my recollection, moved 29 times. 

In comparison, my life is sedate and mundane now. When I'm hit with a sudden bout of wanderlust, Jared calmly tells me that it's time for a vacation, not a move. {Which makes sense. Our family used to visit stability- friends and relatives who stayed in one place. We had enough change in our everyday life.}

I've been contemplating getaways of late. Specifically, unusual places I'd like to spend a night. Here are my top picks:
While I'm dreaming, I'll just imagine that I'd start with the Library Hotel during a trip to New York for our 10th Anniversary. :)


SPYGLASS said...

i need some tutorials please...i don't know how to put vimeo or youtube videos on my blog, I know there is a button to add video, but I guess I don't know how to save videos like those to my compy, also how do you make blocks of pictures like you did in this one? also...how do you set the post area width, mine is so small and I'd like it to take up more of the page like yours, and so my pictures can be bigger....whew! maybe i should have done this thru email. if you have the time, i'd appreciate some help. thanks! and shane and i will just build you a treehouse here...;)

MelancholySmile said...

Too many answers to cram into a comment, so I sent you an email. :) I can only imagine the amazing craftsmanship a S&H treehouse would have! It'd be awesome.

Beth said...

Wow, that is a ton of moving. . . I thought we moved a lot. We've moved 12 times since we've been married. (6 1/2 years) I am definitely ready to settle down!

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