Birthday Boy

E is 4 years old today. We had a little party for him on Saturday, and had him invite friends and cousins. 

He asked for a Speed Racer birthday, so we decorated in black, white and red. 

The kids painted their own wooden race-car to take home. {Just $1 for an all inclusive kit at Michaels, but it turned out I had to glue each one together beforehand. 16 tiny wooden pieces for each car!!}

They played 'pin Speed Racer onto the Mach 5'. Little Miss C drew Speed and Racer X for me. I was very impressed.

After smashing the car-shaped pinata, E opened his presents. He was completely spoiled, and now owns one of everything ever made with wheels. Including a Spiderman bike that we found on Craigslist for cheap. Watching him teeter along on training wheels made me all emotional. How I wish he could stay this young forever!


Dargan Twins said...

Why haven't I thought of hanging balloons upside down?! Genius - thank you and happy bday to the little man!

Annje said...

Wow! You can even make speed racing look elegant. What a cute party.

kelli(q) said...

You are so clever and creative. I also never would have thought to hang balloons upside down yet it looks so chic! You have a great eye for aesthetics.

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