Going to the Country

With the peach festival fast approaching, I purchased my very first water bath canner online this week. As well as a starter kit.  And a peach tree! {It's a dwarf variety- we might actually be able to fit two of them in our yard.}

As a kid, one of my favorite things about visiting my grandparents was opening up a jar of peaches and eating the contents all in one sitting. It was like swallowing a mouth full of sunshine. I'm hopeful that my kids will have the same experience. 

Of course, not the very first year. 

Um, on second thought, maybe I should hope that my grandkids will get that experience. :)

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Spymommy said...

I heart canned peaches and pears so much it is making my mouth water. Yummy!

LisAway said...

YUM! My mom canned peaches and every Sunday after church we came home and ate peaches and toast. It's one of my favorite food memories. I LOVE canned peaches. I just wish peaches in a tin tasted half as good.

How awesome to have your own peach tree!(s)

schwadette said...

I'm SO jealous! I've been asking for these very same items for Mother's day this year... I LOVE the whole canning "thing"! We don't have easy access to peaches (YUM) but in the fall have TONS of apples. Let us know how it works!! :)
Just had to add - I'm a new follower for your blog and I've really enjoyed getting to "know" you :)!

Just Looking said...

Gorgeous Image! I'm so taken with that. I love not just eating canned fruit, but also looking at the jars and taking a zillion pictures. I ooh and ahh over them as the sun shines thru the jar. I can't seem to drag my eyes away; like ZuZus petal's. :)

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