Spring in the Air

Our lemon and orange trees just burst into blossom this week. I can't help but sit outside in the early mornings and evenings, enjoying the breeze that carries their heavy scent. I'm not a perfume girl, but if they could bottle the exact mixture of orange blossoms and jasmine that permeates my backyard, I would totally wear that. It's wonderful.

{image via flickr. Unfortunately, my digital camera was actually J's business camera. We are camera-less for a while.}


Em said...

Ooh, I can smell it just by reading this post!!! This makes me homesick!

I'm sorry about your husband's job...Thanks for the inspiring and positive post. You were able to convey perfectly that scary yet--at the same time--peaceful feeling when life throws us a curve ball. All the best to your and your family.

TheSpanishLady said...

Even pregnant, I love that smell. It makes breathing feel good.

hukolb said...

I so agree! That is one thing I will miss if we ever move from New Orleans...all the citrus and flower fragrance in the air. I hear Hawaii is just like that! I wish our neighbor's oranges were edible, just ornamental! We are starting a tangerine tree, though, so we're excited!

PS - We have some distant friend/ward members moving to Phoenix for residency this May... I sent one your email in case they needed help figuring out where to live, and since Jared's lived their longer than anyone I know, I thought you might have better tips than us:). Thanks in advance and good luck with the peaches.

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