Soak up the Sun

Spring is in full bloom around here. I can't seem to enter a grocery store without leaving with a bouquet of vibrantly colored tulips. Today, the warmth is tempered by a cool breeze and I find I long to wear a fabulous hat, carry a cheerful bag, pack a picnic lunch and take off on a short road trip. I'll conveniently blame my inattention to household chores on the distracting weather. :)


Valerie said...

Oh, I guess I should admit my splurge of the season was that very cheerful bag you mentioned. We have no Anthro in my city so I had to bite the bullet and order it and pay their crazy high shipping, but I do love it...:)

Love your blog by the way. I'm a big fan.

janae said...

I feel strange commenting on people's blogs who I really don't know personally without explaining myself. So I'm the one who wrote the 'This I Believe' essay about learning to love motherhood.

I just wanted to say that I *love* that hat and I would DEFINITELY wear it. Darling!

Shawn said...

I would definitely wear this outfit, hat, purse and all!! Love the green---my fav. color, by the by.

Leigh said...

I love that photo! When I first saw it, I thought it was you :) The model totally looks like a brunette version of you!

MelancholySmile said...

Valerie- I'm soooo envious. Love that bag! If it ever goes on sale, I think I'll snatch it up, employment or no!
Janae- I'm still in awe of your essay. And yes, that hat is perfect. Easter is the perfect time for getting away with wearing such things, don't you think?
Shawn- I'm very partial to green myself.
Leigh- You flatterer, you! One of these days, I will go brunette. :)

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