Time & Money

J and I have been ruminating on the virtues of time and money. Like magnets with opposite poles, the two seem incapable of existing in the same space at the same time. 

When J had work, it was not uncommon for him to spend less than an hour a day with the children. There were some weeks where, due to evening meetings or hockey games or similar engagements, he would go days without seeing them before or after work. Time was such a rare commodity, it became worthwhile to pay for for things like car maintenance simply to give J more time to spend with the family. 

Of course, things have now changed. Money has become scarce, but we're swimming in free time. I find myself daydreaming about lazy roadtrips up the coast to visit my family, taking a few extra days to visit national parks and sun ourselves on the beaches.... unfortunately, that would also take money. Dangit.

After years of staying home on Friday nights with popcorn and Netflix, J and I have been going out in the middle of the week, seeing matinees in near abandoned theateres. Sometimes, we get the kids distracted with video games and get to have some afternoon romance. And last week, we escaped the 107 degree heat by having a family swim party. Enjoying the luxury of time has been marvelous.

Yes, time and money seem only to coexist in the form of a Kate Spade clock. As for me, I'm content to take them one at a time. :)

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Janae said...

What a great attitude! We've had more time than money for most of our married life, so I'm afraid I've found myself wishing for the opposite. Thanks for the reminder of what's most important.

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