Irrational Fear and Other Random Musings

1) Sometimes as I'm rinsing dirty dishes, I'm struck with the fear that I'll somehow become confused about what I'm doing and lick my fingers. Ick.

2) I hate taking my medicine, so I've started allowing myself a bite of ice cream every morning after swallowing my pills. Yesterday, I found that we'd run out, and could not make myself take my medication until I'd run to the store and purchased more chocolate peanut butter ripple. I guess that whole "spoon full of sugar" thing is spot on, in my case.

3) While pulling on my pajama bottoms last night, I noticed that the waistband was feeling tighter, and commented to J that I have got to start training harder since I'm gaining weight. "No," he said, "Your clothes have just shrunk. Look, mine have too." He pulled at his own waistband. I tried to suppress a smile and said, as delicately as I could, that I didn't think that the clothing was the problem. Awkward. 

4) I'm still not giving up my spoon full of ice cream every morning. 


Kristina said...

You are funny. This post is cute and funny.
I just found out that I'm probably bi polar so I'm right with you on not loving the medication. The idea that I'll live the rest of my life fatigued to some degree or other because of drugs makes me ... well ... tired. Maybe I should employ the ice cream idea!

LisAway said...

Hee hee. :)

You're killing me with that whole "chocolate peanut butter ripple". Probably my most favorite ice cream and a flavor you certainly don't see around these parts. NO FAIR. But you deserve it, so I'll forgive. Eat and be happy. :)

Apis Melliflora said...

Clever way to motivate yourself and the small amount of icecream is totally irrelevant to your waistline.

My favorite, though, is #1. It sounds like the first few lines of a really insightful poem.

marcee said...

Okay, J's comment, and your reaction, totally made me laugh out loud.

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