Gift Guide: Little Luxuries

I can't help myself. Thanksgiving is coming, but mentally I'm already skipping to Christmas. I thought perhaps I'd create a few gift guides to get it out of my system. First up: Little Luxuries for that stylish lady in your life!

I never seem to have a good reason to buy this japanese masking tape {$25}, but it sure looks fun! I think some of the best gifts are things that people want but won't necessarily buy for themselves. So. Give tape to that crafty girlfriend!
The Perry Street Clock by Kate Spade {$40} comes in several cheery colors, but yellow is my favorite. Wouldn't it look fabulous by a cup of bright pencils or atop a stack of books?

These candles by Henri Bendel {$26} are strongly scented, but not in the least artificial smelling. Lemon Verbena is clean, citrusy, and layers well with Pomegranate.

The Black Apple has so many original, whimsical little prints {$16}, it'd be hard to choose just one. I love this one, titled "My Coat is the Winter Skyline"

I'm always in favor of a pretty little apron. I love the yellow and teal combo in this one from Anthropologie {$28}.

A beautifully letterpressed calendar is high on my 'want' list for 2010. This one from Linda & Harriett {$30} is designed in such a way that at the end of each month, you can tear away the bottom half and send it as an artistic postcard. How sweet is that?

This calendar by Satsuma Press costs more{$44}, but is so soothing and lovely, I can't help but crave it.

Why not try these shoe clips by B Poetic {$26}? They are soft, romantic, and can transform any pair of shoes into something special.

Every time I walk past one of these stylish water bottles by Earthlust {$18}, I find myself sorely tempted to buy one. But it's difficult to spend money on oneself, so it remains on my 'someday to purchase' list. Wouldn't it make a great gift for a friend trying to go green?

Lastly is the classic standby: a really great fragrance. However, it can be extremely difficult to pick out something as highly personal as a fragrance, so why not give this amazing sampler? For $50, it comes with 12 small vials of lovely perfumes, as well as a gift certificate for one full sized bottle of the recipients choice. I know at Sephora the smallest bottle of D&G Light Blue costs $75, so that's already a substantial savings. :)

That's it for little luxuries! Next up: homemade gifts.


The Dragonfly said...

Why do we love that Japanese masking tape so much? And why do Americans only have boring old cream and painters blue? Great gift giving ideas!

SPYGLASS said...

That fragrance sampler is the bomb! I love smells so much and I found D&G LB a year ago and fell in love with it! Excitingly I got a big bottle as a gift! Yummy! Great gift ideas!

Apis Melliflora said...

Your post is better than most mag articles on gift ideas! My brain has yet to comprehend that Thanksgiving is but a day away!

Miggy said...

I'm loving those shoe clips! Good pics.

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