I'm Back!

Well, I was wrong about returning with lots of photos {I really need want a camera for christmas.} which is too bad, since Washington was such a lovely backdrop to all my rarely worn winter outfits! But my trip was amazing in all other aspects. I haven't been back to visit in over 2 years, so there was a lot of catching up to do.

It's incredible how much fun we crammed into a few days.
  • I toured my parents dreamy little 1940's house as well as the houses of my three brothers and their wives. I LOVED getting to see everyone's design esthetic in order to steal their good ideas derive inspiration from them.
  • I went walking with my dad to the Capitol in the mornings. It was invigoratingly chilly, and so scenic with all the lush moss, trees, and bright red leaves.
  • I got to meet my newest niece and nephew {talk about giving me baby fever!} and
  • went shopping with my mom and fabulous sisters in law. We browsed through boutiques in downtown Olympia and then scoured baby stores for a little baby blessing gown.
  • We had family dinners {food was scrumptious, whether we ate out or in}, played games, watched movies and stayed up way too late.
  • And, though I was there for {barely} five days, I got to wear 3 different coats and 6 pairs of shoes! Oh, how I love dressing for cold weather!

Though I missed J and the kids, it was really hard to come home. Running off on the spur of the moment for such an indulgent trip felt surreal-- like I was one of those women who can pick up and jet to Paris for the weekend on a whim.

Also, having the family together like that, gathering for large meals and talking around a fireplace made it feel like a holiday. I feel like I've already had Thanksgiving, and find my mind skipping ahead to Christmas! I bought this year's Christmas ornament at the Fireworks Gallery. Birds nests always make me think of my mom.
Later, as I flipped through Seattle Homes on the plane, I saw the same ornament!

I love the featured living room, and want to recreate it for the holidays.

For now, I need to be content to catch up on laundry and cleaning. And daydream about the next time I can see my family. :)

{Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention J's bravery in holding down the fort while I was away. He makes quite the handsome Mr Mom.}


Apis Melliflora said...

Welcome home, so glad you had such a great time. When your chosen ornament is featured in a magazine, you know you have the eye.

Zach & Hannah Parris said...

I'm jealous! My sister lives up in Port Angeles, WA...it's so beautiful there and I miss my two nephews so much!

LisAway said...

That sounds wonderful! You deserve that kind of treat.

And I noticed your number of shoes and number of days spent there don't match up. Did you wear two pairs at once because it was so cold? :)

prashant said...
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