Gift Guide: For the Kids

This guide is put together with my own children in mind, but hopefully it can give you some ideas, too.

For the Chef: There are so many ways to do this, but I started by purchasing an adorable child-sized apron, a cookbook with simple instructions and lots of pictures, and a few cooking utensils. {If this cupcake keeper from Rose & Radish had been available, I'd fill it with fancy cupcake liners and a cupcake cookbook. Wouldn't that have been adorable?}

For the Artist: An inexpensive easel coupled with a roll of paper, loads of paints, brushes, markers and chalk, and your child is ready to create a masterpiece.

For the Author: I'm a big fan of these Illustory kits. We've given one to Little Miss C every year since she was 5 years old, and have delighted in seeing her storytelling abilities develop. I love that we're able to order more than one copy of the finished book. It makes a great Mother's Day present for the grandma's. :)

For the Engineer: E loves to spend hours making paper airplanes. Unfortunately, only his daddy knows how to make the kind that can fly. Hopefully this kit remedies the situation.

For the Kid with Too Much Energy: Sports equipment. Hockey sticks, soccer goals, t ball sets-- they all come with the added benefit of giving a child a place to channel all that energy. Kites are also good. They force a kid to run around a lot. :)

For the Planes, Trains and Automobiles Enthusiast: A dump truck made with STEEL! For some reason, my boys will happily spend the entire day filling the bed with gravel and dirt, dumping it out, then filling it again. I like that the steel can hold up to the abuse. Especially when E tries to give his little brother a ride.

For the Kid who has Everything: you can't go wrong with a big cardboard box and some packing peanuts. Half the time it's all they want to play with anyway. :)


Apis Melliflora said...

I'm going to steal some of these great ideas.

The Queen Vee said...

The box is the number one winner in my book, just love a kid in a box.

pinktrees said...

we gave the airplane book to our son for christmas last year and it's still very popular with him. he'll be 8 in a few weeks and has no trouble following the directions in the book and enjoys flying the planes. there's a lot of paper in there too! it's been a year and he still has some leftover.

Stephanie said...

Love the ideas! I've been trying to decide on Hayley's last gift I needed to give and you've made up my mind . . . a personalized apron and kid's cookbook. I'm going to have to order one of the illustory books for her bday too. Sounds so cute. Thanks!

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