Gift Guide: Handmade Gifts

I have a few rules when it comes to home-made gifts. One is that it has to be cost effective. It is far too easy to tell oneself that going home-made is cheaper, only to find oneself elbow deep in crafting supplies, out of time and out of money! Not that I speak from experience or anything....

No need to add stress to the holidays! Simply pick ONE project to do for the people you plan on gifting to. It's faster, far more inexpensive, and I often find that the results are more professional looking. Learning curve and whatnot. :)

Idea #1- Make a necklace! There are as many tutorials out there as there are colors and types of beads. Pictured above is my knock off of an Anthropologie necklace. Other favorites include this pearl and ribbon necklace, this jadeite necklace, or simply buy a bunch of these porcelain keys {or spray paint a few old skeleton keys} and string them on some ribbon. Viola!

Idea #2 Freezer Paper Stencils. These are so easy {and addictive!} You can stencil tee shirts! Tote bags! Pillows! The options are endless!

Idea #3 Make a Headband! Ruffles, flowers, sequins and feathers are all the rage right now. Why not take advantage and make a headband or two {or three or four...} I like these feathered varieties {with a vintage brooch attached} or one of these luxe looking velvet ones.

Idea #4 Make a Clock! With a clock kit from the craft store, you can make a clock out of pretty much anything. I like the idea of using buttons or embroidery.

Happy Crafting!


The Dragonfly said...

All fantastic ideas, but my favorite by far is the first necklace . . . maybe it's because the model makes it look like a million bucks!

Apis Melliflora said...

I like them all. But the headbands and necklace say Melancholoy Smile style the most.

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