Random Thoughts

I'm feeling pretty blah this morning. {Yes, that's the technical term.} So here are a few random thoughts that have been swirling around my mind. I'm too unmotivated to dedicate a whole post to any of them, so you get the haphazard version. :)

Jenny over at Little Green Notebook always has fabulous ideas. I really love the way she made a faux wallpaper in her entryway with japanese masking tape. Incredible! I just received my very own batch of black & white stripe-y japanese masking tape {thanks Crys!} and this is the first project that came to mind. Perhaps in one of our small bathrooms?

This is the error message that popped up when I was reserving a bunch of books online at my library. It's such an overreaction, I found myself laughing out loud.

I had a lot of fun taking Pentagram's What Type Are You quiz, found via Black, White, Yellow. I was torn on the third question {I have traditional values, but a modern aesthetic} so I took it twice to see which two types it pegged me as. Wanna try it? The password is 'character'.

{first image via flickr}


TheSpanishLady said...

Do you ever have those days when your body is unmotivated to do anything, but your mind is going 100 mph? That happens to me alot. usually by the time I get my body up to speed, my mind is exhausted. whats a girl to do? :)

SPYGLASS said...

we are the same "types" i was stumped on the 3rd question as well...that was hilarious. totally you and your mom.

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