Cabin Fever

Sorry for the sparse posting this week. We've been house-bound for the most part as we waited for new tires for the Mini Cooper to arrive in the mail {Ebay-- score!} and J has been using the family car in the meantime, which means life has been a bit boring. We've been spending a lot of time at the park trying not to go stir crazy. :)

The tires arrived yesterday and they are E's new favorite toy. He rolls them around the house, sits inside them and has siblings push him till he's dizzy, uses it as a chair at the dinner table, and takes great sniffs of it before proclaiming, "I just love the smell of my tires!" I have a feeling he'll be a bit heartbroken when they are no longer a living room fixture but are properly installed on the car as they should be.

Little Miss C has decided that the boys need some formal schooling. She sits them down every day and shows E how to write a few words and lets L have drawing time, then gives them both gold stars. This is a 'note from the teacher' that she gave me the other day. It reads {with spelling corrections by me}:

Dear Parent,
Your son L is doing great! He loves to draw! That is all he will do! Every time he will ask to draw, then he will be so proud! Here is a drawing that your son has made.

It cracked me up. Plus, her new 'school time' is one of the few half hours of the day that I can count on them all being cheerful and sweet to each other. It's been great.


LisAway said...

Who doesn't love playing with tires in their living room? :) I have fond memories of playing school when I was younger, too. I just love the not from the teacher. What a great little teacher and two cute students!

(hope you are doing well)

LisAway said...

Oops, I meant "note".

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