A Good Week

I have a new hummingbird feeder hanging outside my kitchen window. I love the way it catches the light {and my eye} as I do the dishes. Spring is here, and the very air seems sweeter!

I surprised the kids with sidewalk chalk. The weather has been delicious, and they've spent hours drawing on the porch, the driveway, the walls, and up and down the road along our block.

E is obsessed with his little army guys. We built a fort for them and he refuses to take it down, even for meals. {it's on the kitchen table}

And out of the blue, a friend showed up at my door with these beautiful flowers!

I'm sore from an intense workout, my house is clean, and it's Friday. It's been a very good week. :)


Apis Melliflora said...

So happy to hear you've had a good week. A little spring goes a long way!

Birdsong, dripping icicles, blue sky and sunshine have also recharged my battery this past week.

Jennifer said...

Yay for much needed good weeks.

As a kid, I LOVED sidewalk chalk. I spent hours upon hours drawing & writing message up and down our enormous driveway. Simpler times....

The Dragonfly said...

Your new camera is capturing the beauty of your good week in a really good way. I don't think lincoln logs have ever looked so cool!

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