Oscar Party

The Academy Awards are this Sunday-- can you believe it? Lucky for all of all of us, this year Twig & Thistle has designed a slew of elegant {and free!} resources for us to all throw our own Oscar parties. Make an event of it! Deliver formal invitations!

Let your guests fill out a ballot with their Oscar picks! {or play Oscar Bingo!}

And don't forget the best part-- the food! I love the packaging on these wee bags of popcorn and candy.

Bakerella {found via Amy Atlas} has also provided these awesome treat recipes {Oscar cookie here, popcorn brownie here} and tutorials. Love that gold glitter.

There you are! Go forth and party! {And if you don't have the energy to go all out, as I may not, at least eat some cheesecake and shout out your Oscar picks as the nominees are announced.}


SPYGLASS said...

Mmmmm!!! I just found out about bakerella as well! I love all her red velvet recipes, because secretly, okay it's not a secret, Red Velvet is my all time favorite cake! Maybe I'll join in and for oscars night make some chocolate covered red velvet balls for the fam! Oh ps! Those shoes are great and even greater they're payless!!! Hooray! Miss you, I'm tired...nap time during pregnancy=gift from heaven!!!

Apis Melliflora said...

Wow. Serious theminess going on there...and talent too.

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