Sunshine-y Day

I'm still here.

It's been a busy week thus far. Little Miss C is in the middle of AIMS testing, which means I have to drive into town early every morning with the boys in tow, drop her off, then kill a few hours before picking her up.

We've gone to Ikea. The park. The toy store. The pet shop. The library. There have been popsicles, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and sand castles.

It's been quite cheery.

Suddenly, I'm remembering that the year after E was born and I was in the darkest depths of undiagnosed depression, I made a rule of leaving the house every single day. Even though I could hardly drag myself out of bed, I was terrified that my gloom was poisoning my children. I figured that if they could spend a few hours of the day surrounded by distractions and healthy people, they might not notice my unhappiness and blame themselves. Sometimes, the sunshine and activity even managed to lift my own spirits.

This week has been exhausting, but I have to admit that this whole leave-the-house-first-thing-in-the-morning strategy has worked far better than my attempts to sleep away the remainder of my pregnancy.

Looks like I'll have to keep it up. :)


Stephanie said...

My kids go nuts if they stay in the house all day. Always been a big believer in getting out for a bit of fresh air (and errands) each day :) As for AIMS - I had no idea kids have to take it if they're homeschooled! Hayley's doing it too this week. Have you been to the Bass Pro Shop? I hear it's really neat - might be a fun place for the boys to spend some time while you're waiting!

MelancholySmile said...

By having Little Miss C participate in the once-a-week program for homeschooled kids {government funded}, we agree to allow her to be tested. I don't think she'd be taking AIMS otherwise.

I'll have to check out the Bass Pro Shop. I bet E would love it.

Janae said...

You now know my secret! I tend to go, go go because it makes me feel like the kids are having fun and I am too. Then I avoid the messes being made at home, too. :)

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