Little Miss C Finds a Bird

Little Miss C caught a bird. Then she instructed her daddy to take pictures. When I woke from my nap, she eagerly showed me the photographic evidence and proclaimed, "You can put it on your blog! Call it Little Miss C Finds a Bird!"

Oh my goodness.

She knows I have a blog. She knows her pseudonym. And she likes having her 'name' in lights.

This girl cracks me up.


LisAway said...

That is so funny. And cute.

Often when the kids say or do something that makes me laugh out loud they ask me, "Are you gonna blog about this?"

The Dragonfly said...

Little Miss C is just dang cute. I have a feeling she and Hannah would be fast friends.

hAha said...

she looks so old!!!! i can't believe how fast she is growing up! what a cutie! hope to see you guys someday in the near future!

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