Birds of a Feather

"I hate complaining about pregnancy. It sounds so negative, and I know for many people it's beautiful and glowing and everything I thought mine would be. I'm not complaining about the children, oh no. Not about the babies. Not about big families. Just the illness. Just the suffering. I've often said, if I could just skip right to labor and delivery I'd have a dozen."

Amen, sister! Even though our pregnancy woes are completely different, I've identified with Jessica over at Balancing Everything ever since I discovered her during my last hard pregnancy. Check out her post on reaching the end of her childbearing years here.


Jessica said...

Right back attcha. xoxo!

Honest Cookie said...

I feel sad you don't enjoy pregnancy. As someone who cannot get pregnant and someone who suffers from depression, I hope you will and do consider yourself blessed. I would give all my earthly possessions to carry a child. I really hope you can enjoy the last bit of your pregnancy. I appreciate your candid comments and struggles. My heart just breaks knowing that I often find myself praying and begging for your burden. Wishing you luck, peace of mind and healthy and happy baby!!!

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