Baby GIft

This arrived from my fabulous SIL the day after baby was born-- I love how clever it was. None of us knew beforehand if I was having a boy or a girl, so she made something versatile. For a boy, it's a bow tie! For a girl, attach a lengthener and it's a headband! Isn't that brilliant? Can't wait to have him wear it to church.

PS- When I couldn't handle getting only 20 minutes of sleep at a time, I woke up J and had him take the baby for an hour and a half last night. Felt like heaven, let me tell you!


Crys said...

I have that same throw, except I use as a curtain in my laundry room. Isn'y hAha fab? I love hearing your adventures in new baby land, you are so good at pulling me in makes me feel like I am there. Lots of love for you and all your babies.

The Dragonfly said...

He'll look dapper for sure! Did this baby ever get an initial?

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