I've been reading the entries from back when L was a newborn, trying to estimate when it is that I'll start feeling normal again. When did I start running again? When did I start sleeping more? When did I lose the baby weight? When did I start to have thoughts of art and books and creating and fashion instead of napnapnapnapnap all the time?

I'm remembering that it comes in increments. Even a very good newborn is still a newborn, and still exhausting to care for.

Instead of being impatient for things to come, {like making a DIY coatrack!} perhaps I should think about all the things I currently enjoy.

Things like being able to sleep {even just in 20 minute increments} laying down, instead of propped up on a million pillows.

Being able to see my toes.

Being able to hand the baby to someone else and be alone {really alone!} for a few minutes.

My hips and ribs no longer ache.

I can go for long walks without my feet swelling.

I can get cold. Sonic ice drinks make me shiver and I've had to turn the thermostat back to its warmer pre-pregnancy setting.

I feel healthier. I feel {a bit} smaller. I don't recognize myself in the mirror yet, but I'm getting closer. Things are getting better slowly, but they're definitely getting better.

I'll take that.


Anonymous said...

i do the same thing and wonder. babe is 6 wks and I feel closer all the time.

Crys said...

I like how much you are posting right now. Makes me feel like I am part of the experience.

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