Lucky us! We've been receiving packages all week. Little Miss C loves her new bike seat, handlebar grips and sparkly accessories. Thanks Nana and Grandpa!

The Stomp Rocket is also a big hit. It launches to impressive heights and yet is easy enough for L to operate on his own.

At first, they played with it outside to see how high it could go. But now they've discovered they can send it soaring into the ceiling fan, where it then ricochets off in crazy directions. They love it.

And I got new running shoes! I've spent the last few mornings running on dirt roads, trying to make them look like they belong to someone who actually uses them. They're awesome. :)


Cheeri said...

Getting packages is the best! It's sure to be a good day if I get a package or a favorite magazine in the mail :)

Apis Melliflora said...

What special treats for everyone! Getting running shoes as a gift seems kind of tricky. The giver must have known exactly what you were wishing for.

MelancholySmile said...

Actually, the shoes were a gift FROM me TO me. :) Did I mention I buy myself flowers as well?

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