Snippets from my day/night

It turns out that baby R does indeed have reflux, but luckily doesn't suffer from it nearly as severely as his brothers did. Still, the hours between 4:00 and 6:00 {both AM and PM} tend to be his most difficult. On really bad days/nights, we don't get a reprieve no matter what the hour, and must sleep in 20 minute increments. Those times blur together in a series of images. Like the bed, which never gets made because I'm constantly collapsing into it, then forcing myself to crawl back out of it a short time later.

This book is still the best I've found on treating a baby with reflux. It led me to put L on Prevacid, which was a huge scary step but worked wonders. It remains on the nightstand for constant reference.

I know, giving a baby Maalox {I just dip his pacifier in a capful when he's suffering} sounds bizarre, but it works well enough that we haven't had to put him on a prescription. I have chalky Maalox stains on all my clothes.

When he isn't feeling well, he sleeps best by being held. Second to that, being propped up in the carseat, or with a Boppy pillow, or in the swing buys enough time for mommy to rest as well. {notice his little Maalox goatee? Poor boy.}

And since I become delirious when not sleeping, I wear bracelets that I switch from wrist to wrist to remind myself which side he's supposed to nurse on next. Who says you can't wear jewelry with pajamas? :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you get a little rest with him in the car seat or swing! It's just hard, huh? No way around it but time.

LisAway said...

I'm sorry he's got reflux too! Hope he outgrows it soon! In the meantime I love the sweet little white mouth.

I also love the visual of you in your white stained pjs and a bracelet. :) I used to switch my CTR ring as a reminder. With Spencer, though I just wear one nursing pad (since I only nurse on one side per feeding) and it's the only method I've found that I never forget to switch. :) (also, that's probably weird to write and maybe TMI)

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm telling ya, even rumpled and unmade, your bed has a certain aesthetic.

That little R is cute with his mustache. Hope things get easier!

The Dragonfly said...

That little R, snoozing hard in his carseat with his Maalox mustache is just melting my heart with his cuteness. Hang in there! And keep blogging - it's so nice to have you back.

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