Around here, the cooling temperatures mark both the start of the Holiday Season and the start of Running Season. The Gilbert Days 5k Run is November 19th. the Turkey Waddle is the 25th, and London's Run is January 29th.

I'm rather trepidatious at the thought of running in an event rather then the back roads around my house. It's just so... public. My stamina is nowhere near where it was pre-pregnancy, and while I think I'll be ready for a half marathon in January, I'm sure I'll be running quite slowly.

At the same time, I spent nine months dreaming of running again. There's a jolt of excitement that accompanies the hesitation. I know that no matter how much I train and prepare, butterflies in the stomach are always part of the equation, making the relief and pride of finishing a race all the sweeter.

Also, it helps to tell myself that no one else notices {or cares} how fast {or slow} I run. :)

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laurie said...

I just ran in my first event and I felt the same as you. Instead of setting a huge unattainable goal for myself, I just set a goal I thought I could accomplish - to finish. And I did. You can do it.

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