Tennis Pro

The other morning, J came home from playing tennis and proclaimed that his head and wristbands made such a difference keeping sweat out of his eyes. After the way I'd laughed about them when they arrived in the mail {I think I made a reference to Napoleon Dynamite} he felt he needed to assert their usefulness.

"Hey, they match your shirt!" I exclaimed. "And your shorts... and shoes. Wow. You're like a walking Adidas Ad." I teased him a bit, then went to take his picture, but knowing they were bound to end up on the blog, he quickly changed.

The next morning he came home to these sketches. :D Poor guy, I just had to have the last laugh.

For the record, he's totally hot in his Adidas Ad outfit.


The Queen Vee said...

Guys are funny about their clothes, I'm always mystified and often horrified by my hubbies choices but after 42 years I've come to accept them. I try hard not to be the clothes police although often not very successfully.

Apis Melliflora said...

Napolean is da man.

LisAway said...

You're an awesome wife. :)

Em said...

What good is a husband if you can't tease him a bit on a public blog? :) Your sketches are amazing! And hilarious.

Also...thank you, thank you for your 'Hope and faith' post. It's so timely because it's been something I've been thinking a lot about after having my own little girl. I discussed it with a friend today, actually, then read this. Growing up not as the norm and watching all women (Latina women in particular) trying to meet the standard society sets has really affected me--and still does. I hate to think about my daughter growing up the same way...but all we can do is our best, right? We may not be perfect, but we are the perfect mothers for our daughters. That has to mean something in the long run.

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