Farewell to Kodachrome

You may already be aware that Kodak stopped producing Kodachrome film last year. Now, the worlds last remaining processor has announced that they will discontinue Kodachrome processing on December 30th.

J especially loves the look of Kodachrome-- it has a unique color palate so familiar to photos from the 50's and 60's. {Reds really pop.} Needless to say, when he heard about the end of Kodachrome processing, the race was on to shoot as much of it as possible.

He gathered up a cache of film, booked a photographer, and enlisted the help of his brother to run the super 8 camera. I assembled outfits and props, and over the weekend we all dressed up, drove to a location with vintage trains, and shot away.

Everyone was surprised at how strange it felt to be using film again. It seemed that every five seconds, we were hearing, "Wait! Don't move! I've got to change rolls!" Also, the photographer kept looking at the back of his camera, forgetting that there wasn't a screen there see what he'd just shot.

{the state of my heels after our photo shoot}

After the sleek vintage trains, we drove out to the desert and shot until the sun went down. Now we cross our fingers, send it out for processing and hope that it all turned out.

Goodbye Kodachrome. We will miss you.


The Queen Vee said...

Can't wait to see the result of your photo shoot. Those shoes need the help of a good cobbler although they are pretty extinct too these days.

mommara said...

I love that you guys did this. I adore the look of vintage cameras. There is just something so romantic about the look and process of being surprised when you get the pictures back.

LisAway said...

Mama don't take my kodachrome away! I will now be singing that song all day. (I'm playing it now and my boys are LOVING IT!) Glad you all did a final tribute or however you wanna call it. :) (do you know the song by Paul Simon? Not sure how mainstream that song ever was, my family were big Simon fans) A rather prophetic song!

LisAway said...

My dad was a professional photographer when we were growing up AND we loved that song so I just sent my family a link to this post and to the song on youtube. Then at the end I thanked them all (again) for the digital picture frame they gave me for Christmas (with loads of pictures of them all). I realized that the frame is by Kodak and thought how appropriate to show the times and how they're a'changin'. Out with the old, in with the new!

(and sorry about the weird tone I've taken in these comments. Not sure what my deal is this morning. :)

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