Homemade Christmas

Despite all my efforts {and loads of vitamin C} I'm getting sick. Yesterday was a struggle get all the homemade cousin gifts finished, the neighbor gifts {carmel corn} delivered and three pies baked.

I figured I should document that we actually completed the homemade stuff, because last year I was full of good intentions that went unrealized. We bought supplies. We made plans. And then the paints and fabrics went untouched as time got away from me. I tend to think that because something is homemade, it's naturally going to be fun and thrifty, but I've found that it actually takes some practice to make it cost and time effective. I'm getting better at it.

On the agenda today: making clam chowder and crescent rolls, setting three tables, washing the floor and hopefully showering. :)

1 comment:

Crys said...

I hope you feel better. Your homemade christmas gifts look awesome. Love you guys. Merry Christmas

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