Silver and White

Last week, E discovered that even though we live in the desert, we still have pine trees. He was so thrilled. He gathered a few pine cones and added them to his collection of rocks, sticks, broken army guys and loose change that live in the drawer of his bedside table. The next day, I suggested we put them to better use.

We drove around the neighborhood looking for pine trees. After collecting all the low-lying pine cones {and discussing why some pine cones were closed and tight while others looked like they'd 'bloomed'} we took them home and spray painted them silver.

It didn't take long for them to dry, and afterwards we simply nestled them into the branches of our Christmas tree.

He even added a few to a bowl on the entry table. I love the extra sparkle, and E loved doing a project with me independent of his brothers and sister. One on one time: priceless.


JennyJenJen said...

ok seriously??? Your tree is EXACTLY what i wanted to do this year. I am obsessed with all things white, and was hoping to do a silver & white christmas tree.. Unfortunately, i was unable to find one that didn't look trashy, or even half way decent. Where did you get yours?? Love the painted pine cone idea too!

Can i be you when i grow up? ;) ha, for real, you and i are long lost sisters me thinks.

Anonymous said...

This is just stunning. I love the resourcefulness and simple decor!

MelancholySmile said...

Thank you! *blushing*

Unfortunately, I don't know where the tree is from originally. I scored it for $10 at Goodwill last year. However, you may find that the 'cheap' looking trees at Walmart and Target improve immensely once decked out with lights, ribbon, and silver sparklies.

Good luck!

hukolb said...

Just wondering if you just customize the size of photos when posting them together to get more than one on a line like that, looks great! I agree, wishing I could be you someday:). Or at least decorate as well! Or maybe afford to hire you to come decorate our house...wishful late night thinking:). Merry Christmas!

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