Trees Pink and Red

Two weeks ago, J walked into a store to buy batteries and came out with a pink christmas tree. He saw it in a display at the entrance and thought, "Little Miss C would LOVE that." He couldn't pass it up. He's a softie when it comes to his only daughter.

He brought it home and set it up in front of her window where she'd see it as soon as she returned. You can just imagine her delighted squeals. She then decked it out in beads, cutouts from magazines, and various crafts. You know-- luxe, 9-year-old style.

Obviously, the boys then wanted their own tree. {I told J that would happen.} E insisted that he wanted a red tree, but have you tried to find a red Christmas tree lately? For under $10? Nigh unto impossible, I tell you! So I found a tiny tinsel tree and bought a bunch of red ornaments for it. I snuck into their room at night and set it up as a surprise.

Children over-indulged for the holidays: check.

PS- the very next day, I walked into Fry's and saw a RED Christmas tree on display. {forehead smack!!} Luckily, it was waaaay over my $10 budget, so I didn't beat myself up about it. :)


Tru Stories said...

Jealous. I REALLY wanted a white tree with all pink on it... then I saw a black tree at Target and REALLY wanted that! I thought it would look amazing with red lights. But, we settled for an all green everything tree. Love it1

The Dragonfly said...

I'm totally digging that little silver tree. It's casting a cool pattern over everything. I love the idea of children sleeping in the glow of Christmas lights.

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