Tulip love

It's February, and I've embarked on my annual month-or-two long addiction to tulips. I love the first tulips of the season. They're so bright and hopeful in the face of a gloomy winter.

Incidentally, while reading that article that everyone is talking about, I scoffed when one women interviewed said {in reference to Mormon bloggers} that she was jealous and wanted to "arrange flowers all day too!" 

Arrange flowers? I thought, Who DOES that? 

Apparently, I do. :)


LisAway said...

Lovely tulips! And thanks for the link. What a great article. :)

Crys said...

HAHA I read that article too and couldn't tell if I could qualify as the mormon bloggers she was talking about.

Apis Melliflora said...

I think the Salon article reveals more about Emily's longings and values than anything else.

There are plenty of non-Mormon moms living out the same stay-at-home lifestyle. Perhaps they don't blog as much or at all, but they too buy tulips and arrange them (throw them) in a vase, host themed birthday parties, bake, thrift, craft and value marriage and family.

I am one of them and am happy in my current life.

P.S. In my twenties, I was an Emily.

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