Sleeping and Spring

I promised to give an update on progress concerning sleep training for Baby R. Unfortunately, our progress has been.... no progress at all. It seems that every time I steel myself to listen to his crying for hours at night {earplugs help} we make it until about night 3 and then he comes down with a cold or an ear infection or something

After a week of nursing him on demand and cuddling his wee, feverish body until the small hours of the morning, sleeping through the night is the very last thing on his little mind. We've just gotten over his third bought of sickness, and will be starting from scratch {again!} soon.

In other news, spring has officially arrived to our backyard! Our peach trees seemed to spontaneously burst into bloom overnight. They're so pink and lovely!

This one especially makes me smile. It's such a stubby little stick of a tree, and yet it is absolutely covered in blossoms. I'm dying to see how many {if any} peaches we actually get from it. 

Happy weekend, all! I hope Spring is in the air in your neck of the woods as well. :)


merelyLooking said...

Yes, that's a very enthusiastic bush! (remember though, spring is fickle - put blankets on your treasures on cold nights)

PS, still thinking about your Hide Ten Pounds post, so I posted some actress quotes on weight in the comments section.

Apis Melliflora said...

Small but mighty. Obviously planted in the good soil. Spring, you are most welcome.

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