I can't say it enough...

I am so grateful to all of you for your concern, sympathy, touching support, words of comfort, and sage advice. Truly, what would I do without you? 

My deepest gratitude especially goes to Melissa, who educated me on the three-day right to cancel home solicitation purchases available under Arizona law. We are now in the process of extricating ourselves from this unwise transaction. Thanks Melissa! I'll never tell a mean lawyer joke again! {I make no such guarantee regarding Slimy Salespeople.} 

Also, heartfelt thanks to Chad, who offered to fix our drywall for free. If you need an honest framer and sheetrocker, look him up, will ya? chad.oloughlin@gmail.com

We'll be seeking legal counsel on Monday, so thank you to all of you who sent referrals to lawyers. I'll be looking them up!

Lastly, thank you my husband, who said, "It's just money" instead of "I told you so." I'm beyond lucky to have married so well. Love you, babe.



The Dragonfly said...

Breathing a huge sigh of relief for you and hoping that company goes down in flames!

Apis Melliflora said...

Bad lawyer jokes are funny, though. =-) And there are many bad lawyers, just as there are many good sales people.

The reason I went to law school: to help those in need. So glad I could help a little.

Your husband is the best.

The Queen Vee said...

Your hubby is right, it is just money. I know your budget is tight and so the money situation is more worrisome than it might be for others. May I say though, that all of us have made unwise choices and purchases....You are not alone.

That Melissa is one smart, thoughtful woman
...generous and kind too...trust me I know! She's also one heck of a smart good lawyer!

Now you've dangled your feet in self pity and regret, and that is normal (we would each to exactly the same thing if we were in your situation) but don't wallow in it. Call a lawyer, call your State Attorney General and your State Consumer Affairs Division.

At the end of this trial you will count blessings received and lessons learned. You will also have alerted many about this dishonest company.

Isn't this blog world one amazing place where a community of friends, many who have never met in person, can reach across countless miles to lend support, kindness, wisdom, help and Christlike love? Be of good cheer sweet Melancholy and rest assured you are loved by many.

Marci said...

What a relief! Good luck :-)!

Miggy said...

So glad to read that things have are looking up. And so glad you have such a great husband with such great perspective....hugs to you.

Teresa said...

My mom likes to say "If it can be fixed with money, its not a problem." Not because we are a rich family, which we aren't, but rather, money problems are not death, illness, or other horrible problems. Your husband is wise.

Good luck with figuring everything out.

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