I want easy

I've been absent for a while, and I apologize. What started out as a day of recovery from a frantic schedule has morphed into a week of paralyzing inactivity. I have lists of things I need/should/want to do, and an equally long list of reasons why I can't/won't/don't want to do them. It'd be wonderful if I could just wave a wand or wiggle my nose and magically complete everything in one fell swoop. 

I continue to wade through information on couponing. All the advice and links left on the last post were so useful and much appreciated. I'm starting slow, taking one step at a time, and if I come across a system that works well for me, I'll update you all on my progress. 

In the meantime, I'm dying to know-- do you say coo-pon or que-pon? {I'm a coo-pon girl myself.} 

Well, I'm off to bed again. {I've been up since 3am, when both boys woke me up after wetting the bed.} It's 5:30 and if I were smart and dedicated, I'd go running while it's nice and cool outside. But my throat hurts. And my Ipod died. And I don't wanna.




Kristina said...

I'm a coo-pawn type of girl. I'm pretty sure the hubs says cue-pawn.
Best of luck getting out of your funk. I know that feeling all too well. :(

merelyLooking said...
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merelyLooking said...

Argh ... my touchpad does this weird thing - if my hands hover to long over it while typing, all of a sudden my sentence skips over and starts typing in the middle of a different sentence! If I don't notice, I'll reread my published post and it'll say illuminating things like " Luv that in a bag" (Which is what just happened, hence the deleted post - nothing more dramatic than that) Anyway, as I meant to say...

Love that image! What's funny is, if you take away the writing on the right, it looks just like an abstract image of New York! I think I am going to steal that thought and design a new piece of art for my ledge...

Did I tell you I let CBug play with my NYC in a bag, and he made the most amazing landscape, one I'd never thought of. He took my blue and green glass tiles and made little islands and put one car on each - it looked way cool, like little avant garde cakes.

I love that now when he looks at my Rear Window poster he says "That's New York City, Nana, Looking out the window!" Ahh, indoctrination, I luv it :)

Coo-pon. but I chose that pronunciation as a conscious decision years ago. I am a pronunciation snob.

merelyLooking said...

I will call it "Manhattan Tetrisized". I will start a whole new movement in art.

And there's supposed to be another "o" on the too up there. I do know that. sigh.

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