Run, run, run

Perhaps it's the warmer {swimsuit} weather or the fact that Baby R is old enough to be walking, but lately I've become frustrated with my present shape and am anxious to fit back into my old {pre-fourth-pregnancy} clothes. Time to crank up my training a notch or two.

Luckily, I truly love running. It connects me to my body in a way that makes me feel strong and capable. It quiets the critical voices in my head. It gives me time to be alone. It centers me.

Still, despite my love of running and being a self-confessed morning person, I find that I need a little motivation to get out of bed at 5 am. Nike Ads work nicely, as does the thought of buying one of these after my next marathon:

{They also have necklaces for the half marathon and one that simply says 'run', which I think is the prettiest}.

Anyone have tips for painless early mornings? {Aside from pressing the snooze button-- I'm quite proficient at that already} I'm all ears!


Rachael said...

What works best for me is to have someone that I'm meeting. Otherwise I talk myself out of it, but if I know that somebody else is shivering out at the trailhead, I always get up.

What I need now is tips for making myself go at night when it's 94 degrees...with a three-week old baby I'm doing a terrible job of getting up early in the morning to run, and my toddler blew the fuse on my treadmill last week, so outside is my only option! So much harder to fit that in with the new baby--I've only run 6 times since he was born.

Rae said...

I'm starting up with running again today. I jogged a little as cross-training when I did roller derby. then I quit derby, then I got pregnant... now the baby is 9 months old and I miss the strength my body felt. Anyway... thanks for the inspiration today, and the reminder.

Singin' Heart said...

I dont like to workout with people, so the above comment wouldn't work for me. I have found that it just flat out sucks!! When I use to work. I would get up every morning at 5am to run to the gym, work out then run home. Even though I did that for years. Some days where better than others but for the most part you just have to force yourself. You think of how good you will feel afterwards. That, yes, you are tired now but when you get going you won't be. Also, having some extra fat to laugh at you in the mirror always helps too ;)

It's nice that we don't deal with your ridiculously hot weather. So now I just need to wake up at 6am to get a good workout in before the kids are up.

Good luck!

--BTW, I know you want to shed some more pounds but the pictures that I have seen of you so far you look good. So don't beat yourself up about it ;) AND I really, really, really hope you end up coming up here this summer while J is gone. Buckshot and I will be gone for part of it but should be back before you plan on leaving. I know mama h wants you to stay with her. But you are more than welcome to use our house while we are gone. I hope it will all works out - it would be awesome to see you and my niece and nephews!

MelancholySmile said...

I don't like to work out with people either, though I certainly wouldn't be able to stand them up if I knew they were waiting for me! Good tip.

Roller Derby scares me. You must be one tough mama, Rae. Good luck on running again!

And Singin' Heart- we're totally going to make the trip happen and I'm soooo excited! We're shopping for a mini van right now. :) Can't wait to see you guys!

Apis Melliflora said...

When I was waking up early, the only thing that worked was going to bed early.

So if you're up at 5:30, your head should hit the pillow at 10, with sleep happening around 10:30 at the latest. And that's only 7 hours.

I also laid out all my clothes the night before.

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